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  • Puglia small group tours Italy
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Small Group Tours of Italy

  • Sicily Italy small group tours

    Sicily Tours

    Sicily is an absolutely fascinating place to visit, being a crossroads of civilizations with a range of diverse influences. With our 7 day Sicily tour we provide a well rounded experience covering the diverse aspects that the island offers... Read More

  • Puglia Experience small group Tours to Italy

    Puglia Italy Tours

    Puglia is a southern Italian region boasting wonderful food, a rich history, beautiful towns to visit... and a few surprises! Puglia is becoming more and more recognised in the boutique tourism market due to its unique characteristics... Read More

  • Amalfi Coast small group tours of Italy

    Amalfi Coast Tours

    The Amalfi Coast is world famous for its rugged coastline and picturesque towns clinging to the hills. In this tour you will see all of the famous sights such as Positano, Ravello and nearby Capri. But you will also dig deeper, experiencing... Read More

  • Italy with Pleasure small group tours Italy
  • Italy with Pleasure small group tours Italy
  • Italy with Pleasure small group tours Italy

Some Features of our tours

Ciao! Here at Italy With Pleasure we're passionate about Italy! We are a company specialised in taking small group tours to special places in Italy... and we'd love to share them with you.

  • First Hand Knowledge

    We live in Italy, which makes a real difference in arranging genuine experiences with local people. This is what memories are made of.

  • All our tours are organised directly by Italy With Pleasure

    Our tours aren’t organised by third party tour operators. We take you to the places that we like visiting ourselves and that we have carefully selected in person.

  • Our Guided Tours are in small groups

    Our small group tours offer a more personal touch in relation to the cultural experience that we offer and flexibility where needed.

  • Experience Italy like a local

    As well as organised excursions, we leave some time each day for you to explore at your own pace so you can get a sense of how it is to live like a local. If you wish, you can then venture on your own and practice your Italian!

What sets us apart

  • We are Italian Specialists

    This is what we know best, and where we live. We limit our tours to selected regions where we have the depth of knowledge to share with you (you may of course come across other tour companies listing multiple tours in a range of countries - while this can look great on the website, the reality is that you cannot know intimately and deliver quality tours in every single place).

  • Fully refundable deposits

    We recognise that your plans may need to change, perhaps for circumstances beyond your control. Your deposit is fully refundable, no questions asked.

  • Guaranteed Tours

    We guarantee the departure of all our tours. When you book you make an undertaking to travel with us, we appreciate this and guarantee to run the tour (we don’t wait to see if we reach a minimum number on each tour - we don’t believe this should be your risk)


    Most of the brochures you pick up from your travel agents are from large multinationals masquerading as smaller companies. While this may suit some people who want a ‘commercial’ experience, we have a different focus - great locations, small quality restaurants, worthwhile experiences.

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